Para pensar…
Para pensar…

Para pensar…

How and why.

Sometimes in my life.

I need a friend.

To teach me, how and why? I need the tears, and how to cry.

I try under my walk, stay on faith, and see in the skyes the love and place to fly.

At night i see stars shine.

The smile is a blessed brightness, that can make a change.

A hug is one way to share a moment and feel the love life.

My faith show me, some smiles i can remember, with a pure light.

The pure emotion on happiness moments is live on my memories.

The best of this, is that some tears i see in who i love but this tears is one smile overflow tears on a beautiful smile.

This felling overflow in my memories, and sometimes i cry.

Maybe this is love on my way teaching me how, and why i have cry.

The love can mmake a change on remember one small hapiness tear, when i see the same bright on stars at night.

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